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I am living in the land of enchantment and loving it in Albuquerque, NM!

I am currently offering classes in Albuquerque to share the wonderful tastes of Raw food

  cuisine and the health benefits of Living Foods

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Holiday Treats!

November 16th, 2014, 1:00- 4:00 pm $50.00 + tax

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            Did the market from May- November and it was a great experience, Look for Dec. market coming up  

      Teaching Raw and Living foods to Add Spice to your life

 I went to massage school about 3 yrs ago as I wanted to know more about our body, with foods and healing this is another healing way to keep yourself healthy  I now have had my Liscense more than 2 yrs LMT Karen Hammer is practicing at Carlmont office  at Louisiana and Mongomery. Call for appt

Body Mind and Soul for creating our optimum health!

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"Turn Off The Heat"

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August 12/13th 2014 demo on 2 kasa in the morning TV show

HI!  I'm Chef Karen Hammer and I love fresh healthy, healing foods and I also love to prepare them. I am a graduate of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and received my certification as a Raw Culinary Arts Associate Chef in February 2010.  A  lifelong interest in food and heath and a believer of the quote from Hippocrates which states  "Our food should be our medicine and Our medicine should be our food".  I am interested in sharing with you foods that taste delicious and create better health and healing for many people all over the world. At this time I find it is important to find ways to stay healthy through wonderful whole fresh and organic foods. Fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouted grains, seeds and beans. Sea veggies provide so many minerals that we need and I believe can help to keep us well. Eating at least 50% to 75% raw vegan foods or more is what I recommend for people who want to improve their health.  I  am passionate about sharing this lifestyle where living or raw vegan foods can be delicious, satisfying and beautiful using natural whole plant based foods.


These are the foods that will sustain into the future!

 I  offer group classes, personalized training, products, and private chef services.

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            I have always loved to cook and experiment with foods and flavors, but changing to a raw program had some distinct changes. Soaking nuts and seeds to remove the enzyme inhibitors. In raw, the raw means fresh foods that are uncooked, like salads and raw vegetables. We also use very low heat using a dehydrator below 118 degrees and this low temperature preserves the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. 

Preparing foods that are satisfying and have variety is not as challenging as you might think once you get the hang of it. It is a change but, exciting and fresh living foods are wonderful and for me and allowed me to lose weight while feeling so alive and healthy. It's amazing how much variety you can have. There is a rainbow of colors and variety and fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. Nuts and seeds, living superfoods and more. You can you learn new ways of creating sauces, soups, dressings, salads, vegetable dishes, pate's and amazing desserts! 

You can make low temperature dehydrated  crackers or breads and wraps. You will love it and you can be extremely creative and satisfied with the foods. 

Your body will detox and  go through a transformation when you decide to omit heavier foods. You will feel so much lighter and full of energy.

   I was eating a living food diet for a year when I went to Ann Wigmore Foundation in NM. and then I attended Living Light Raw Culinary Arts Institute. After hearing a talk in Albuquerque, I decided to try going raw vegan right away and I became passionate about raw vegan foods enjoying this adventure with fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables and  a few other foods.This kept me feeling vibrant and energetic and I now am now 6 years raw vegan and I still continue this way of eating and love it. 

That first year I was hungry for information about  how to prepare this cuisine and experimenting with flavors. Today I still love to experiment and be creative with foods. At first though the change to Raw Vegan didn't seem like such a stretch for me as I was vegetarian for years. The change was omitting all processed foods like high temperature baked bread or crackers. If you have trouble pronouncing an ingredient, it might not be the best ingredient for you to eat.

My desire for a healthy diet and learning about healthy food started in high school when I decided to become a vegetarian, but was convinced by my parents that we need cheese or fish at the least to be getting the protein we need. It seems to be an obsession with many Americans to worry about whether they get enough protein.

Have you ever heard of a protein deficiency in this country?  I haven't! Since I started as a raw vegan a 6 years ago, I have now released  about 44 lbs. and I feel great.  I just eat fresh and healthy raw foods in whatever quantities I felt I needed and the pounds melted off.


A special note for one instrumental person who was a pioneer in this raw food and living foods movement. Her name was Ann Wigmore and she started healing people that had many diseases including herself of cancer starting in the 1960's.  She popularized sprouting and wheatgrass juicing and she was the founder of Hippocrates that was in Boston MA. Then she started a foundation which then moved to New Mexico after she passed due to a tragic fire.  Now The Ann Wigmore Foundation, is just an hour west of Albuquerque N.M.  This Ann Wigmore Foundation retreat center is internationally known and I recommend this program to people who are in need of healing from disease's or serious health conditions or simply learning how to stay healthy.  I went there and I highly recommend it. People come from all over the world to learn how to heal themselves using raw and living foods. They follow the protocol that Ann Wigmore developed and called the Living Foods Lifestyle.


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Extinct volcano's and the beautiful New  Mexico sunset! Shortly after moving here 11 yrs ago I took this picture. I had never seen a sunset like this one before but, now I realize it was probably was created by Chemtrail's or geoengineering the sky, I am starting to have showings of the documentary film "What in the world are they spraying?

This is an important issue! Our air, food, and water is at stake!

Since last March 2013 I  am still working  for for Food and Water Watch in Albuquerque, New Mexico. and  I'm working on the "We Will Decide" campaign! Contact your city councilors to let them know how you feel about labeling Genetically Modified Foods, (GMO) The vote to label will take place on May 19th so do it soon!

I believe we have the right to decide what foods we put into our mouths and that GE foods  should be labeled. 

Check out food and water watch NM on facebook!

  I am so energized to be sharing Living foods by giving raw food classes for

health. The foods taste wonderful with fresh natural flavors.

Classes are Optimally Organic and Raw 

 Upcoming Raw Vegan "Taste Of Raw Classes"

 with Karen Hammer

Classes from July 2014 to September 2014

 Register now for classes below to reserve a space. All classes have a 7% sales tax

 3 hr classes $50.00 plus tax and 1  1/2 hr.- 2 hr. are priced accordingly


Holiday Treat's!
 November 16th, 2014
1-4 pm $50.00 plus 3.50 tax
Mushroom croquettes with red pepper remoulade sauce
Dehydrated Zucchini Latkes, Sour Cashew Cream and Fresh Applesauce,
Curried Squash Soup and Raw Apple Pie


           No class for December but I wish you all a very Happy Holiday!


                                                      Latin Fiesta!

Sunday, January 11th, 2015
1:00- 4:00 pm $50.00 + 3.50 tax
Enjoy a fiesta of raw : Cheezy tamales, Mexican ri=ce, Spicy hot suce, Chilimama tortilla chips w/ salsa, Chocolate explosion balls

Please pay in advance a wk or more and your payment is your reservation

 Call Chef Karen with any questions you have and send a check or payment to reserve your spot. 
I'm Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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    To register for classes:

 contact Karen at 505-363-4288

 Pay by mail to Karen Hammer, 699 Bluebird Ln NE Abq. NM 87122


     Garden Gossip and More... 

   Gather the Harvest, now that spring is upon us its time to keep composting, gather all of the fruits and veggies you've had, leave the cold weather veggies, Kale, some herbs survive, but if you want herbs bring some into your home with a pot nearby or just by the door and keep them watered so you have them nearby when you want to add flavor and nutrition to your creations. 

     I've been working for Food and Water Watch since April 2013  NM office to work on Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods and Genetically modified foods (GMO's).  So call your Albuquerque City Councilor to let them know how you feel for our choice to decide for labeling Genetically Engineered foods, The vote come's up on May 19th and we think a big crowd would make a statement so please go to the City Hall council meeting where it will come up for a vote on that day. 

Go to facebook to sign up for the  food and water watch facebook page NM to see what and where it is  going on locally. Our foods are just too important to fool with! The  big agribusinesses have to return to more natural and sustainable ways that won't hurt animals, people or the honeybees.

 The best thing we can do right now is grow some of our own food or buy from local farmers markets and they'll all be in going strong soon, but there are even a few winter market in Abq.  Natural seeds are amazing and self propagating as nature designed. 

  I am truly grateful for the work farmers do, especially organic and sustainable farmers as I depend on them.

 Indoor Gardening-Besides sprouting indoors and growing wheatgrass.  I find watching the sprouts and living plants grow is such a gift that shows us the miracle of nature as it is intended! Check out my class on sprouting and wheatgrass in February.

 Garden stores sell seeds and starter plants many with heirloom or organic seeds. Check out Plants of the Southwest!  CSA's such as Los Poblanos and Skarsgard farms are going strong, 

         (community supported Agriculture or your local coop or health food stores in town.

I am so thankful for the hard work farmers of the world put into working with  nature to bring us wonderful foods that give us the nutrition we need to live.

Below picture of  a pizza from my pizza class-  and below that a wonderful Apple Beet Greens drink!

       Below, vegetable Teriyaki, and Basil growing and flowering....

It is good to include some Citrus fruits such as lemons and limes which are some of the most alkalizing fruits. They taste sour but once they go into your mouth and mix with your saliva and go through the digestion process they turn alkaline inside your body. We try to achieve a balance, but a body that is on the alkaline side keeps us healthier.  You can include it in your preparation of foods or add lemon to juices or water, in addition to dressings, sauces, and most dishes in raw food preparation. Its easy to substitute lime and a tip is you need much less salt.